About Homeoak

Tim and Charlotte Faulkner started Homeoak Trading some 12 years ago having had a lifelong interest in the restoration of old houses. Sharing their own Dartmoor farmhouse with children, dogs (and ponies!), they understand and appreciate not only the beauty and versatility of oak but also the practicalities of living with it, and maintaining its appearance for modern family living.

"Most of our wood is grown in France, in the Ardennes region, where the trees and forests are planted and managed sustainably, in that all felled areas are replanted for future generations to harvest. France is probably the only country in Europe where the forested surface is actually increasing. The oak is a little more expensive than Eastern European, and Far eastern oak but is most similiar to our own native oak and in my humble opinion the extra beauty of the well developed grain and knotty features make that worthwhile" 

In recent years the use of underfloor heating and the desire for extra wide boards has led to extensive use of engineered oak. Our engineered oak comes in a good thickness of 20 or 21mm with 6mm of German oak over birch ply that will still last for generations but allows a more stable board for use in situations where solid oak might move too much.


Our engineered oak shares the character and features of our full thickness solid oak and has become a popular choice. It can also be be supplied in prime grade with a cleaner more minimalist finsh. We have widths of 130/150/190/220/260/300/350 in 20/21mm and also do a lighter 14mm with a 3mm oak layer - It's the same oak and a good budget choice which is suitable as an overlay floor, ideal for bedrooms etc.