click here for homeoaks solid oak floor terms and conditions

click here for homeoaks solid oak floor terms and conditions

Technical Info

For advice and information about installation and fixing methods - see our FAQ page. But we are always delighted to answer your questions in person, or by phone or email.

Our solid oak is European oak grown in France, carefully selected, air dried then kilned down to approximately 10% moisture content. It is very accurately milled with tongue and grooving on all 4 sides so that it fits together easily and requires minimal sanding, although the knots are left open so can be filled or left after installation.

Our engineered oak is 20/21m thick with a 6mm German or French oak layer and comes sanded and filled and has a micro bevel and t/g on all 4 sides. Boards are around 2m in length with some shorter bits to aid staggered joins for fitters. We can supply this oak pre UV oiled, or  colour finished if required.We can also supply it square edged.

Tavern Character and Select standard solid oak boards are 20mm thick and come in any widths but normally 140mm, 160mm or 190mm and in random lengths up to about 2.7m.

We have a list of local fitters who are used to working with our products and wood and come with our recommendation. We can supply / hire portanailers and nails for secret nailing and epoxy damp proof floor sealers, primers and glues and glue guns for adhesive fixing.

There is little that can go wrong when using properly prepared and cared for kiln dried solid oak but you should not lay a floor where there is more than 4% humidity in the subfloor or 65% humidity in the atmosphere.

All our customers are advised to read a copy of our terms and conditions prior to making their order.