Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the sale of goods, or hire of equipment supplied by T. Faulkner, trading as Homeoak Trading, (sole trader) hereafter called the company. No changes, additions or exclusions to these terms and conditions shall be valid in law unless specifically agreed in writing by
T Faulkner. Nothing in the Purchaser’s terms of purchase shall override, cancel or modify any of the company’s standard conditions of trade.

Our acceptance of your order by delivery of the goods constitutes a legally binding contract between the purchaser and the company on these terms and conditions.


The purchaser shall include, the buyer, or any other person on behalf of the purchaser in charge of goods supplied by the company.

Prices and Terms of Payment

Charges for goods and services supplied by the company are as set out in the current customer price list, and on the website. The price payable for goods ordered will be confirmed in writing at the time of order and upon agreement of contract between the company and the purchaser, these prices are subsequently non negotiable. All prices are for supply of goods only, or hire of equipment, as described in the company’s sales literature.

Price does not include fitting or delivery. The Company is VAT registered and all prices will have VAT added to invoices at the prevailing rates VAT is charged and all prices are therefore net. A 30% deposit is payable at the time of order, the balance of the full purchase price must be paid when the goods leave the company. The company will accept payment by cash, cheque or BACS (preferred). 


If a purchaser has over ordered, the company will, at its absolute discretion, take back any unused goods, (full packs not part used), providing that such goods are in the same wrapped and sealed condition that they left the Company, and are delivered back to the company at the purchasers cost. If there is any element of doubt about the adverse treatment or condition of the goods, the Company may, at its absolute discretion, refuse the return of the goods. The company will reimburse the purchaser for the full sales value of the returned goods.

The company does not operate credit accounts.

Legal Ownership

The property in and title to the goods supplied by the company shall remain within the company until the purchaser has paid in full for the goods supplied. No other sums shall be due from the purchaser to the company.

Inspection and Specification of Goods

The purchaser is responsible for inspection of goods supplied by the company and to identify any defects or short delivery of materials immediately on receipt by telephone and give written notice within 3 days. If no such notice is received within that time the goods will be deemed accepted and you irrevocably and unconditionally waive any right to reject the goods supplied at a future date. Illustrations, descriptions, and measurements stated by the company shall be accepted by the purchaser as a guide only and are not binding in detail.

Limit of Liability

The company shall not be liable for damage or injury caused by supply of its goods. The company shall not be liable for any consequential loss caused by its failure to, or delay in supply of goods, whether such failure is the result of the company, its suppliers or agents. Without prejudice to any other provisions in these terms, in any event, for any one claim or for the total of all claims arising from any one act of default on our part (whether arising from our negligence or otherwise) shall not exceed the purchase price of the goods the subject matter of any claim.


The company does not undertake to deliver goods to the purchaser, all goods are supplied packed and sorted ready from store. At its discretion, the company may be able to offer to assist with finding a delivery service. Any associated costs, delivery arrangements, or aspects of service are the responsibility of the purchaser and their delivery agent. 


The company does not undertake to install goods for the purchaser. At its discretion, the company may be able to offer assistance with finding a flooring installer. Any associated costs, fitting arrangements and methods, or aspects of service are the responsibility of the purchaser and their fitting agent. Any failure of the fitting process and consequent damage of the goods is not the responsibility of the company, but is the responsibility of the fitting agent and the purchaser.

Help and Advice

We advise you to have your wood on site at for at least 2 weeks without any drastic change of temperature or atmospheric conditions, prior to fitting, to allow your oak to acclimatize. Damage caused to, or by, the goods by not following this acclimatization process will not be compensated by the company. Moisture is the only thing that will damage your oak.

Always ensure that you have checked the recommended moisture tolerances in your floor, particularly if it is new, prior to laying the oak. Concrete should have a maximum of 4% moisture content and be primed with adequate moisture barrier before oak boards are fitted directly on to it, and the atmosphere up to 65% maximum moisture content. Checking this is the responsibility of you and your fitter. Our oak is kilned to 10/12% moisture.

Advice, information and opinion given by the company, or its agents is given without legal responsibility. Any recommendations or suggestions made by the company relating to the use of the goods, whether in technical literature or made in person is made in good faith but it is for the purchaser to satisfy themselves of the suitability of the goods for their particular purpose, and it is deemed they will have done so.

Homeoak Trading

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